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North Carolina Divorce Records

The North Carolina divorce records are made available through the Vital Records Unit, a division of the Department of Public Health Office. Records maintained by the Office starts from 1958 up to the present, whereas prior to the period, these are available directly from the County Clerk Office. Records cost $24 each and this is payable via money order or certified check.

A divorce record is not available to the public as complete reports are accessible only by those who are named in the record as well as their descendants. Records such as abstracts are also made available to the ones mentioned above.


North Carolina Divorce Records

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For those who are not directly related to the persons named in the record but need the information regardless, they can instead choose to opt for a third party search provider who offers criminal records and other document searches. Although a minimal fee is required sometimes, some search sites offer free trial or basic searches free.
How To Obtain Divorce Records
For those individuals who are eligible to obtain a certified abstract copy of the divorce, follow the steps below:

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