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North Carolina Criminal Records

If you are a local resident in the State of North Carolina and wish to perform a background check on a person, one should visit the North Carolina Court System website. The Court provides different ways to obtain a single criminal check or obtain an ongoing background check. A single, one-time request costs $25 from the Court and is payable via money order or certified check only.

Normally, requesting from the State’s Office would mean one having to contact the clerk of the Superior Court Office where the report was filed. One can fill up an online form and have their request processed or visit the office itself to access public terminals to view another person’s criminal records. These public terminals are free though the searches are not certified and a fee is charged for printing. Another method is to contact the State Bureau of Investigation and submitting a fingerprint scan to process the request.


North Carolina Criminal Records


Another option that might be convenient for requesters is by contacting a third party vendor that provides such record search services. Although prices vary, this is the fastest way of getting hold of reports or records without having to actually contact the government agencies.

How To Request For Background Checks/Criminal Records
To perform a single, one-time basis criminal records check, follow the instructions below:

To directly request from the Clerk of the Superior Court

Where to Access Other Criminal Records