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Public Records

New York Public Records

To access public records in New York for whatever legal purposes, you can visit the following agencies:

  • Bureau of Vital Statistics
  • State Department of Records
  • Office of the Attorney General
  • State Supreme Court
  • Circuit Clerks Offices
  • County Sheriff Association

New York Public Records


How to procure New York public records?

  • Print an application form specific for the record you want to get.
  • Provide the complete name of the person/s named on the record, your relationship to the subject, and the reason for obtaining a copy of the record.
  • For death records, please state the complete legal name of the deceased, the date and county of death, and the social security number if known.
  • For marriage certificates, indicate the date and county where the couple tied the knot. Please include the county where the marriage license was obtained.
  • For divorce decrees, specify as to when the divorce happened and what county the divorce was filed.
  • For arrest and criminal records, specify the name of the subject, and provide as much information as you can to narrow the results.

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