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New York Divorce Records

For those who are interested in obtaining divorce records in New York, they must first determine what type of record they want. The State provides divorce decrees and divorce certificates. Divorce decrees are available from the County Clerk Office where the divorce was granted and divorce certificates, which were granted on or after January 1, 1963 are available from the New York State Department of Health. Although divorce records are public records, access to these records in New York is only available to the husband or wife as well as to the requestor who has a court order. Cost for each record is $30 not including the shipping and handling and request can be made via online, through phone or mail request.

To request for the records, one must present a valid ID with photo together with their request along with payment through checks or money order to the New York State Department of Health or to the County Clerk Office. Processing through phone request takes about 1 week, mail request about 3 weeks and regular mail takes about 8 weeks.


New York Divorce Records

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New York Divorce Record and Certificates
As divorce records from New York are divided into two types, it is imperative that one should determine the document that they need.

  • available from the County Clerk where the divorce was granted
  • contains the terms and conditions set forth in the divorce decree
  • shows legalities including – assets and liabilities. Alimony, child custody, visitation

Divorce Certificate

  • records available – January 1, 1963 onwards
  • available from the New York State Department of Health
  • contains basic information about the parties
  • county where the divorce was granted
  • date when the divorce was released

How To Obtain New York Divorce Certificates
To obtain a divorce certificate, complete the following steps:

State of New York Divorce Records Resources:

State of New York County Clerk’s Office