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New York Criminal Records

The State of New York makes access to the state’s criminal records easier by compiling all public records from its 62 counties in one central database. The database, also called as the New York Statewide Criminal Record Search or CHRS contains open, pending and convicted criminal cases. Each record request costs $65 and can be paid through checks or money orders.

Usually, requestors would fill up a Criminal History Record Search application form, include their payment and either hand delivers the form or mail it. The NYS Office of Court Administration completes “Hand delivered forms” within 24 hours whereas mailed request(s) can also be processed within 24 hours if the forms reach the Office before the cut off time.


New York Criminal Records


For those who are somewhat busy and need the records urgently, they might want to use the services of third party vendors or online commercial sites that offer criminal records search for a nominal fee. This way, one no longer needs to pick up their request from the New York State Office of Court Administration or wait for it to be delivered to them.

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