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New Mexico Public Records

The New Mexico Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Records is in-charge on the reports including marriage, divorce, birth and death. Other authentic records like criminal records, court records, property reports, voter registrants and other public files are kept by the designated offices within the State. New Mexico public records are indeed accessible as mandated by the state’s Inspection of Public Records Act. These records are primarily for immediate family members’ use only but anyone else will have the same right to request for it but only if there is a concrete and legal reason to apply for it.

There are some locations where one can go to for inquiries regarding the public documents. These offices are formed by the government itself including the New Mexico State Library, Department of Human Services, County Clerk offices and the Courthouses from the respective counties. For general inquiries regarding public documents you should call or visit in person the New Mexico Commission of Public Records. They have all the answers pertaining to public files. You will also get to know the requirements and the entire procedure of acquiring such public records.

Interestingly, these public records are no longer just available at the state’s agencies nowadays for they are widely searchable on the web through the expertise of some technically gifted professionals. On this note, the New Mexico public records are now obtainable via Internet by simply paying a small fee and get the results in a few minutes. There is no more waiting time because the pieces of information are delivered electronically in just a few clicks. It is simply a practical tool designed to make the job more convenient and hassle-free.


New Mexico Public Records


The New Mexico Records Center and Archives features the following services:

  • How the records are managed
  • Presents the rules that govern these public records
  • Shows all the archived documents
  • The commissions that oversee the update on the legal records

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