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New Mexico Criminal Records

One can easily locate criminal records from the State of New Mexico by accessing the Central Repository for Criminal History maintained by the Department of Public Safety Office. Here, a requester can request for arrest records such as felonies or misdemeanours, DWI offenses and even do background checks. Each report costs $15 and is payable via certified check or money order.

For those who wish to obtain a copy of the criminal records or do background checks, they can visit the Department of Public safety website, download the Authorization for Release of Information form and have the form notarized before submitting the completed form to the Office. Processing time is usually a week to 2 weeks upon the receipt of the Office of the completed form.


New Mexico Criminal Records


Those who wish to get hold of the reports quickly might wish to engage the services of public record search sites that offer such services to the public. There are many in the internet that provides quality searches, which can save one time and money at the same time.

How To Request For Background Checks/Criminal Records
Requesters who wish to do background checks can follow the following steps for easier processing:

To request for arrest records from the Department of Corrections Office, follow the steps below:

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