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New Jersey Public Records

New Jersey public records are not far from reach for they are stored in offices and uploaded online for quicker access. It is really amazing to see the development from the conventional way of archiving the records to maintaining them on the web for immediate retrievable. The State’s public documents are for sure being sought after because they are valuable documents for whatever reasons. Today, the official records sites in New Jersey are in full operation for the benefit of the general public and other entities.

These public records consist of several types which include the adoption records, labor, family services, criminal reports, banking and finance and much more. The New Jersey State Archives has compiled millions of records already for the consumption of everybody. Each specific type of report has been maintained by a particular government agency, so it is best that you know what kind of file are you looking for so that you will know which office you will be going to. Aside from the State-based repositories, the respective counties are also ordered to have their own records databases for a much faster access.


New Jersey Public Records


The Open Public Records Act entitles every citizen the right to unfold these public files that’s why the government made some actions in order to provide the information to people in a very smooth process. Apart from storing up the reports manually, an online records solution has now come to make the entire records retrieval procedure less complicated. In fact, searching in this modern day can be done at home using the Internet as a tool to obtain the public records. It is definitely hassle-free and handy to do because you don’t need to do the paperwork and all the typical processes that the public got used to doing.

The New Jersey State of Archives carries various services for public consumption:

  • Collection Management
  • Special Projects and Commemorations
  • Historical Records Advisory Board
  • Documentary Treasures
  • Search the Collections

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