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New Jersey Marriage Records

In New Jersey you can find the vital records in many offices and print media. New Jersey marriage records are obtainable in the Department of Health and Senior Services, Vital Statistics Registry, Courthouses and even in newspapers which were previously published. Today, they also have an online database where people can use a computer to search for names. To formally make a request, one has to fill out the records request form which can be downloaded from the Vital Statistics webpage.

The required details which you need to provide include the complete names of spouses, the specific date and the location of the marriage. You should of course a legal government-issued ID. The cost per copy would be $25.00. When all the paper requirements are complied, you then submit it to the Department of Health and Senior Services. They have kept these reports since 1901 up to present which means that the residents will get more than enough information about the marriage records of the residents in New Jersey.


New Jersey Marriage Records

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Nowadays, the county officials have also spearheaded the documentation of these reports so that the people will no longer have to take a long travel to the State’s main records database. The more exciting news today is that these legal records can now be acquired through the Internet. Experts have made the dream come true by allowing the public to use their computers at in search for the marital documents. So, it’s totally hassle-free since you no longer have to do the paperwork. All you have to do is pay the reasonable fee and wait for the results in just a few clicks.

The New Jersey application form contains the following information:

  • Specific copy that you are requesting
  • Relationship to the person on the record
  • Personal particulars of the requesting party
  • Reasons for request
  • Payment type

Services offered by the New Jersey Department of Health:

  • Vital Statistics
  • Vital Records Request
  • Marriage Licenses
  • Correcting a record
  • Local Vital Records offices

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