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New Jersey Criminal Records

Criminal reports or doing background checks on another person is necessary nowadays as it provides the requester a history of the person that they wish to engage in their service. Criminal records contain past arrest records and other records criminal in nature. In the State of New Jersey, one can request for criminal history records of an individual or their personal criminal records. Each record costs about $41 and payable via money order, check and credit card.

For those who wish to order criminal reports from the New Jersey State Police, they may do so by downloading the universal request form, visiting one of the LiveScan operators to have their fingerprints taken and then mail the complete form to the State Police for processing.


New Jersey Criminal Records


On the other hand, those who wish to obtain copies of another person’s criminal records should first be registered as authorized individuals or be one of the law enforcement agencies to be able to do so. In case one is not eligible, another way to do so, especially if one is interested only in one particular person’s record, can opt to avail of the services of third party search providers online to help them retrieve the records.

How To Request For Background Checks/Criminal Records
To start a background check request from the Division of State Police, follow the steps given below:

To make inquiries with regards to arrest records, simply follow the instructions below:

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