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New Hampshire Public Records

Public records are composed of several different records that are being kept by the government in New Hampshire. These documents include the vital records, court records, census information, contractor licenses, corporations, inmate locator and many others. New Hampshire public records are easy to retrieve because the state allows anyone to obtain such files for whatever purposes. In New Hampshire, these records are also made available in online repositories. There are those created by the government and there are also those developed by private companies or third party researchers.

The New Hampshire Division of Archives and Records Management has been designed to accommodate all applications relating to public documents retrieval. It is the central records database for all the reports collected and updated within the State. These files are also maintained at various locations including Barrington Public Library, Hillborough County Human Services, Rockingham Register Deeds and the Merrimack County Human Services. This privilege to acquire such records is backed by the New Hampshire Right To Know law which applies to all types of records.


New Hampshire Public Records



Well, the manual days of retrieving the said records is over because the Internet is now also capable of storing the information on public records which the people can possess anytime they want. Today, if you are conducting a background check on something you can certainly do so by going to the Internet, find reliable records resource and download in no time. This can be done discreetly since it is powered by the Internet where people can perform the search anywhere and anytime. It comes with a fee but definitely worth everything that you put in just to unveil the government records.

The New Hampshire Archives and Records Management holds the following services:

  • Archival Holdings
  • Publications and Collections
  • Information for State Agencies
  • State Historical Records Advisory Board
  • Municipal Records Board
  • Elections Division
  • Securities Regulations

Other helpful resources in the process of collecting information on public records include: