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New Hampshire Marriage Records

The New Hampshire marriage records are centrally updated within the State’s Bureau of Vital Records and are also maintained by the town clerks or city clerk’s workplace. Historically, these records had been collected in 1640 but had no system yet to administer such reports. It’s only in 1900 when the said records are properly documented as the government had spent money and hired people who will be maintaining the records database.

To get the searching process started you just have to secure the records request form and fill it out completely. The required fee would $15.00 for each copy being requested. There’s definitely no problem when you are to seek for these reports for they are obtainable as mandated by law. You just need to have a valid reason for placing the application and you are good to go. The officers will assist you anytime at the designated office where the records are kept and updated for the consumption of the general public.


New Hampshire Marriage Records

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The Vital Records Administration offers data on the following:

  • Regarding vital records
  • Obtaining certified copies
  • Vital Records Preservation Grants
  • Correcting a Vital Record

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