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New Hampshire Divorce Records

The State of New Hampshire restricts access to divorce records and other divorce documents in the State. Only those with a direct and tangible interest in the records are allowed access. With that said, those who are eligible can request for their copies from the Department of State Division of Vital Records Administration office. The Office can provide certified copies unlike other Vital Records Office in the country. Fee for the record is $15 and is payable via money order or certified check.

It is not always easy to get records especially divorce reports as these contain private and confidential information about the life of the parties indicated in the divorce document. These records are only open to those with familial relationships with the parties and cannot be issued to other third parties such as private investigators.


New Hampshire Divorce Records

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For those who might need the divorce certificates, they can access different websites that do offer such services for minimal fee. Some sites do offer bulk discounts so one can actually save by engaging an online search provider in lieu of going from one court to another to check if the divorce was granted there.

How To Obtain New Hampshire Divorce Records
For those who are interested in getting hold of divorce certificates in the State of New Hampshire and do have a direct and tangible interest with regards to the event, follow the instructions below:

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