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New Hampshire Criminal Records

Criminal records or documents provide a wealth of information especially for law enforcement agencies as these give the criminal background of a person. An individual on the other hand will find the criminal reports useful in various circumstances more especially for legal reasons. Criminal reports in the State of New Hampshire cost $25 and can be requested from the Department of Public Safety Central Repository Unit.

A person who wishes to get hold of their criminal reports should complete the Section I of the Authorization Form whereas Section II is completed if the request will be mailed to the Office or a third party individual will be authorized to obtain the records for the other person’s behalf.


New Hampshire Criminal Records


Third party requests will need the form to be notarized before the request(s) can be processed. For those who wish to get hold of criminal reports of third party individuals, they can utilize the internet, as there are different search providers in the internet who provide criminal reports and other public records search free or for a fee.

How To Request For A Background Check
Those who wish to get their criminal records or reports may do so by following the instructions provided below:

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