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Nevada Public Records

Nevada law on public records is not very strict towards those who are trying to retrieve them for whatever purposes. But, some records are not divulged to public for some reason like for security measures. These confidential records include the medical reports, social security numbers and the criminal files that are being used in an on-going investigation. The Nevada State Legislature is the central repository for public records. Thus, it is the right place where people should go to for inquiries regarding the various records of the people.

In the earlier period, the records in the State didn’t have a legal law yet until 2001 when the State had implemented the Nevada Open Records Act. The law makes sure that the public documents are granted to those who legitimately go through the process of retrieving the said public files. There are various agencies that hold all kinds of public records. If you are looking for the registered voters list for instance you should be going to the Secretary of State office. If you are after of the vital records like birth, marriage, divorce and death you should direct yourself to the Nevada State Health Division.

There are so many ways that you can obtain these public documents. Today, the job even becomes simpler with the introduction of the advancement of modern technology. This implies that the public records can this time be ordered online through the Internet. Speaking of Internet, it means that anyone can have the information anytime so long as you have access to the Internet. The innovation is simple and less complicated since you only have to pay for a reasonable amount of online service charge to be able to acquire the accurate data of the reports that you are requesting.


Nevada Public Records


The Nevada State Legislature holds detailed information on the following:

  • Reproduction of records
  • Disposal of obsolete documents
  • Restoration of lost or destroyed files
  • Various implemented penalties

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