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Nevada Marriage Records

Nevada authorizes the county officials to have their own documentation of the Nevada marriage records. They have appointed the county records to manage such legal reports and they are also empowered to accommodate any records application from the public or from any other private organizations. They started collecting such files in 1911 but there was no proper system yet at that time. Just approach the county records for they have for sure archived the said reports as far back 1968 onwards.

The search requirement would be to just provide the full names of the couple, date of marriage and the location where it was held. The cost for ordering such a copy of it would be $10.00 per name being requested. So, you only have to have the knowledge as to where the marriage licensed was issued because that’s where the marital certificate can be obtained also. If you opt to go to the central office in Nevada, the State Health Division will be able to assist on your application as well but they are only limited to providing an index of marriages since 1965 and can only confirm as to whether or not a marriage ever happened.


Nevada Marriage Records

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