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Nevada Criminal Records

The State of Nevada restricts access to criminal records to personal requests in that an individual can only request their own criminal reports or records. Each record costs about $21 in money order or certified check. The criminal records are available from the Department of Public Safety.

For those who wish to get hold of their own individual criminal report, they may do so by visiting the Department of Public Safety Office. It is important that the requester present proof of identity and a fingerprint card containing the requester’s fingerprint scan.


Nevada Criminal Records


For those who wish to get hold of other person’s crime record, the State restricts the service; however, other third party search providers can offer such services to the requester. These service providers are available in the internet and offer different search services that can be beneficial to a person who wants to do background check on another person for security or any other purposes.

How To Request For A Background Check:
To get hold of one’s personal criminal report, follow the set of guidelines provided below:

For those who would like to get a copy of arrest records in the State of Nevada, follow the set of guidelines below:

Where to Access Other Criminal Records