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Nebraska Public Records

Nebraska is not the largest State but has a total of 93 counties that’s why it is hard to find the public records if in the first place you don’t know which one is keeping it. It’s a good thing that the state now develops a web records resource to cut-short the entire process. They have developed the public records center which technically handles the public records and arranged the data by county so it would be a lot easier for the computer users to trace-up. The database actually stores information on marriage licenses, lawsuits, property, taxes and many other public records.

To get the search rolling, the requesting party must present a government-issued ID and prepare an amount of $7.00 to $10.00 for each copy. The fee varies though in accordance to the policy being implemented by the respective counties on the retrieval of public documents. The State has formed an office which becomes the central agency for any records acquisition requests. This office is called the Nebraska Attorney General’s office. These legal files are definitely accessible although the typical way of ordering it is lengthy because sometimes government agencies are under staffed and due to the lack of modern facilities.

However today, this challenge was conquered by introducing the latest technological advancement which permits these public reports to be acquired in a few minutes using the Internet as an online medium. People can absolutely execute the search by simply using a computer with Internet access and pay for a nominal amount as a service charge. It is totally a great advantage for anyone can simply do it at home discreetly to ensure the safety of the one who is looking for such legal information.


Nebraska Public Records


The Nebraska Attorney General’s office handles the following services:

  • Consumer Protection
  • Public Records and Open Meetings
  • Public Safety Resources
  • Fighting Federal Overreach

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