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Nebraska Marriage Records

Montana marriage records are governed by the State’s Department of Public Health and Human Services together with the other vital records such death, divorce and birth. They have created a website where they posted all the requirements when requesting for the marital documents. Some of the must-complied documents include photo identification like a driver’s license or any other government-issued ID. Also, the rates are divulged on their official site depending on the amount of information that you want to obtain.

The office of Vital Statistics under the Public Health Department spearheads the lookup of these reports upon receipt of the records application from the public. There is large data which the people can obtain from such an office because they have started the archiving since 1943 up to now. Those that were kept before that year should be requested through the District Court office. This can be located by going to the county where marriage took place; it is also where the actual and original copy of the marriage certificate can be acquired from.


Nebraska Marriage Records

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However, searching it manually is no longer the only option that the people have these days. The Internet is a perfect venue where marital files are stored and possessed. This means that such records can now be obtained electronically without going to a government records agency to process the records retrieval request. The processing time is so quick that it can be possibly completed in no time without compromising the quality of the documents being retrieved from a legal and reputable online source.

Guide to apply for marriage records:

  • Complete an application form and submit to the Vital Records office with $10.00 per copy payable through check or money order
  • You will be provided with an Index of information, if you are to ask for a certified copy then you need to contact the district court with the index which you obtained
  • Go check the contact numbers by going to the Montana Court directory to ask for the request procedure

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