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Nebraska Divorce Records

It is easy to get a divorce certificate in the State of Nebraska as the State’s Department of Health and Human Services Office has been maintaining records since 1909 up to the present. Older records are available directly from the county clerk office. Each individual record costs about $11 and is payable via money order or certified check.

For those interested in getting hold of divorce certificates in the State of Nebraska, do take note that like other US States, payment for the search is non-refundable and as such, if there are no records found, the fee will not be refunded. The State however will notify the requester of the result of the search or if the request is incomplete.


Nebraska Divorce Records

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Another option open to those interested in acquiring divorce certificate is to check out online third party search providers that offer such services. Some providers do offer basic free search to their clients and a minimal fee for a comprehensive one.

How To Obtain Nebraska Divorce Records
Requesters that wish to get their divorce certificate from the Department of Health and Human Services can follow the process below to make their request easier.

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