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Nebraska Criminal Records

Although the State government restricts some information, it allows the public access to criminal records or reports that can be beneficial and can serve any purpose that the requester may deem so. Each record costs $18, and is non-refundable in case the search returns a “no-result”. Acceptable forms of payment include money order and certified check.

In case one is interested in getting hold of a criminal record or report from the Nebraska State Patrol, he or she should first download the request form, mail the completed form together with the payment to the law enforcement agency, and wait for the Office to receive it for processing.


Nebraska Criminal Records


For those who have computers at home, a convenient way to do record search is through the internet. Several commercial third party search providers offer basic and comprehensive reports.

How To Request For A Background Check:
For those who might want to access criminal background checks through the law enforcement agency, follow the steps below:

On the other hand, to access arrest records in the State of Nebraska, follow the instructions provided below:

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