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Montana Divorce Records

The State of Montana Office of Vital Statistics maintains an index of divorces that has been granted since July 1943 up to the present. These indexes are available to those who need the documents for whatever purpose they may deem. For certified copies of the divorce, one can get hold of such if they directly visit or request from the District Court where the divorce was issued. Cost for the index is $10 and non-refundable.

Those who wish to get a copy of the divorce decree should make a written request and include all the pertinent details or information to ensure that the search will come out positively as mentioned before; the fee is non-refundable even if the Office finds no records.

Montana Divorce Records

Another quick and cheaper way to get hold of divorce records and any other public records is to do an online search. Several commercial sites do offer basic public record search free, which one can utilize if what they only need is basic information. Some also offer a comprehensive report; however, it might be expensive though it can be quite useful especially if one is conducting a research.

How To Obtain Montana Divorce Records
To be able to request a divorce decree from the State, follow the steps provided below:

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