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Montana Criminal Records

Reports, documents and background checks of criminal nature are available from the Montana Department of Justice. These records are available for law enforcement agencies as well as the general public. Payment for the record search starts at $11.50 per record and can be paid via credit card for online ordering and $10 in the form of money order or check for mail request.

The State of Montana provides two types of searches – name-based and fingerprint-based search that the public can include in the request(s) they make. Processing time differs depending on the volume of requests that the office might receive. A background or criminal check only provides limited information and does not include other private information.


Montana Criminal Records


For a more comprehensive and detailed criminal records, requesters can order records via online means. Third party search providers are also available and can provide requesters information and other records that they might need.

How To Request For A Background Check
There are two ways to get hold of criminal records in the State of Montana that requesters should know before requesting criminal records from the DOJ:
Online Request
General Public:

Annual payment of $75 for annual membership will be deducted.
Manual Request:

  • Write a letter request and include information such as name and birth date.
  • Include a self-addressed stamped envelope.
  • Enclose $10 for payment in money order or certified check.

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