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Missouri Public Records

Citizens living in Missouri have options in the effort of procuring the Missouri public records. They can go online, ordering via mail to the Bureau of Vital Records or visiting a county clerk in person to inquire for the steps on how obtain the files. On the other hand, the free public records directory can assist the public in public records searches. From their database you can actually perform the check by county, zip code or by the specific category. Categories comprise the criminal records, court records, business licenses, sex offenders and more.

Aside from the stated agencies, people can also go to the state archives and libraries where all you have to do is put in the first and last name of the person you are investigating and click on the search button. If you want to do it manually in person you just have to visit the Bureau of Vital Records, Department of Health and Senior Services to get every detail which you want to obtain. Most of these records have been archived since 1910 by each county in Missouri. The fee should not exceed to $20.00 per copy. To verify the amount requirement it would be better to make a call first so you can proceed with the entire procedure.


Missouri Public Records



The Missouri Sunshine Law has existed to provide the public with the rights they needed to obtain such records. As the years go by they have amended it to serve the public better and accommodate their applications smoother. It has even allowed an online record provider to exist and to bring the same service to the citizens within the State. This online reports solution is actually an effective modern approach to speed up the search. More importantly, it gives everyone quality and comprehensive results for public consumption.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services offers the following services:

  • Updates central registry of births, deaths and fetal deaths since January 1, 1910
  • Prepares certificates for adoption and legitimization
  • Updates central registry for marriage and divorce records since 1948
  • Amends vital documents
  • Releases certified copies of vital files
  • Updates putative father registry

Public records sources can also be found through these online records databases: