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Missouri Marriage Records

If you are ordering the Missouri marriage records you see to it that you will be able to supply all the necessary pieces of information about the couple and yourself as a requesting party. If you don’t possess enough details it is probable that you will not get what you have been looking for. In this State, you should be able to present a government-issued ID with a photo of yourself. This is done to verify your legal residency within the State. In Missouri, marriage licenses were not required before 1881 as such documents were only archived in the respective courthouses.

So, to get started in searching you only need to approach the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and procure the form which you must fill out completely. Also, you should ask for the other requirements in order to complete your application. Take note though that most of the marital records can only be found at the local level which means that you need to find out first as to which specific county the documents can be located together with the Recorder of Deeds. More importantly, the certified copies are only obtainable at the county recorder’s office.


Missouri Marriage Records

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But with the advent of modern technology these days, Missouri marriage documents can be procured in no time using the Internet as the main tool. This would mean that people no longer have to commute or take a trip going to the office concerned for it can be executed on your personal computer with Internet connection. It is definitely hassle-free and less complicated to do because everything is done electronically. You only have to pay for a reasonable amount of money to be able to avail the fast records service which you desire to have.

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