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Missouri Criminal Records

Criminal records in the State of Missouri are available from the Criminal Justice Services Division. These records include criminal history, statistics of crime that has taken place in the State as well as arrests made by law enforcement agencies. Criminal records are not limited to selected individuals or entities as the State allows the public access to such records. Name-based record search cost $11 whereas a fingerprint search cost $20 and payable via money order or cheque.

The State of Missouri categorizes criminal records into two types: open and closed records. Open records are reports such as arrest records, court disposition, suspended imposition of sentence during probation period and arrests where charges were filed. Closed records on the other hand are records where the cases were dismissed or not found guilty, nolle prossed, suspended impositions of sentence after probation was completed. Open records are available to the public; however, closed records are only accessible to certain individuals and to those who submit a fingerprint search.


Missouri Criminal Records


For those requestors who wish to obtain or get hold of any arrest or criminal record, they can engage the services of third party search providers who offer public records search. This is the fastest way to receive criminal records without having to submit any fingerprint card or wait for long processing time.

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