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Mississippi Criminal Records

Criminal records in the State of Mississippi are restricted, unlike the other US States as the State of Mississippi makes these records available only to law enforcement agencies and authorized folks. Those who wish to avail of their records may do so by sending a request letter to the Department of Health of the State.

To start background checks, simply go to the Department of Health website and click on the Fingerprint Transmission System to facilitate the process. Each fingerprint application Card costs about $50. Payment for the fee can be made via money order and certified check.


Mississippi Criminal Records


For those who want to get hold of records other than their own, they have another option available to them. Plenty of online search providers offer public reports search services in the internet. . These third party search providers can provide free basic reports and charge minimal fees for a comprehensive and detailed criminal record search.

How To Request For A Background Check
Authorized people who wish to get hold of criminal reports can do so by following the guidelines provided below:

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