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Minnesota Divorce Records

Divorce records or documents are part of what the government call vital records and are considered important as they can serve as legal documents for whatever purposes that the individual might need. In the State of Minnesota, divorce reports or decrees are available exclusively from the County where the divorce was granted. The fee for each record is $10 and payable via money order, check or whatever payment method the county accepts.

For those who are applying for a divorce certificate, it is important to make a written letter and address the letter to the county office responsible for the records. The counties more often than not restrict access to these records; however, one can request for a basic report and the State will provide the report.


Minnesota Divorce Records

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In some instances, the record request might take a longer processing time depending on the volume that the County Clerk Office receives. For those who need information contained in the divorce decree and need it urgently, they can look at the option of engaging the services of third party operators who provide public record search in the internet for a minimal fee. There are several such providers online that one can choose from to obtain the necessary report that one needs.

How To Obtain Minnesota Divorce Records
In case one wish to obtain a divorce decree record from the county office, follow the instructions provided below:

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