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Minnesota Criminal Records

Criminal reports are important documents as these provide a person and the general public information regarding any crime committed in the State. Reports that resulted to convictions are available for the public perusal and can be obtained from the CriMNet which is an online database maintained by the State Justice Information Services. Online reports are free; however, complete criminal records cost about $8.

For those who wish to get hold of criminal records in the State of Minnesota, they can visit the MJIS Office where they have a public terminal available for people to access criminal records information. They can get a copy of the records for $8, which they have to pay in person.


Minnesota Criminal Records


Another convenient way to obtain records is to visit an online third party search provider. They can conveniently search for the records without the requestor having to look personally for the reports and thus save time.

How To Request For A Background Check:
One can conveniently access criminal records in the State of Minnesota. Aside from visiting the Department of Public Safety, one can also access the reports in different ways.

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