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Michigan Public Records

Michigan’s Freedom Information Act gives its members the right to conduct a Michigan public record search. This conveys that individuals can look into various documents and all kinds of data created and kept by all state agencies and institutions. All requests for such information are subject to fees, however. To file a request, an application form is requisite.

State public records can be procured through the Department of Health, Department of Justice, local county clerks’ offices, court offices, and the state’s library. Doing the record search can be done through fax, mail or walk-in. A processing time of days to weeks is needed to process such entreaties. This, however, varies from county to county and depends on what record is requested and where the appeal is filed.


Michigan Public Records


To obtain any Michigan public record fast, you can actually try hiring the services of online record providers. Although counter service is offered at these offices, still this method of getting such records may be inconvenient to some of you. To save time, money, and effort, the best way to do the record search is doing it online in the comfort of your own home.

To get hold of such public registers, certain guidelines and steps must be followed:

  • Download and print an application form to file a request for the public record you want to get.
  • Fill out the form in its entirety with all the necessary details required. Provide as much information about the vital event as possible. This will help narrow the results and locate the record requested faster and easier.
  • As the applicant, you must provide your personal details as well. These include your complete name, address, and your phone number where you can be reached at.
  • You must also specify the reason of your request and indicate your relationship to the subjects named on the record.
  • Once the form is completed, send it to the relevant agency along with the corresponding search payment. Payment should be made through check or money order only. Cash should not be sent through mail.

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