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Michigan Divorce Records

Those who want to get hold of divorce records in the State of Michigan will find it easier compared with other US states as the State makes the record available for anyone. Although not all information will be available, requestors will find several of the information useful for them. Records are usually available from the Community Vital Records Office as well as from the issuing court. Cost for the record varies depending on the type of record that one needs.

Although the State makes it easier for the public to obtain copies of the divorce, reports are only available after 3 to 5 weeks of processing which can be a bother for some people who need the records urgently. Expedited requests will cost another $10 and requestors will need to wait 2 weeks for certified copies and 2 hours for verification of divorce decree.

Michigan Divorce Records

For those who do not require such services and would only want basic information, they can instead opt to try one of the companies online that offer the same services but on a shorter waiting period. This is ideal, for those individuals who need to verify if the person they are marrying is eligible to get married again, or for any other legal purpose, they may need the info.

How To Obtain Michigan Divorce Records
To get a head start in processing your request for a divorce report, follow the instructions provided below:

State of Michigan Divorce Records Resources:

State of Michigan County Clerk’s Office