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Michigan Criminal Records

Criminal records contain information of a person’s history or background. In the State of Michigan, criminal records are available from the Michigan Criminal Justice Information Center (CJIC) database. Each record search costs $10 and may be paid through money order or checks to the Michigan State Police.

The traditional way to access criminal records is through the submission of the background checks request form to the Michigan State Police. Processing time varies though the agency can get back to the requestor in two to three weeks depending upon the time the Office receives the request form.


Michigan Criminal Records


Those who require the records immediately may also choose to get hold of the records through third party online search providers who can perform the search in a shorter period. Although the records might not be certified, the details in the report are sufficient especially for those who need the records for serious legal purposes.

How To Request For Michigan Background Checks/Criminal Records
To obtain background checks or criminal records for personal reasons, one can follow the steps provided below:

To obtain records pertaining to arrests, prisoners, probationers and parolees, simply follow the steps below:

Where to Access Other Michigan Criminal Records