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Massachusetts Marriage Records

By law, anyone in Massachusetts can request access to public information in the State. Public archives, including marriage records, are usually housed in the State’s Office and the State’s Library. Like any other public records, marriage decrees are crucial since these are licit documents. Such type of register is rich in information and is therefore very valuable most especially in genealogy researches. The cost of a marriage record depends on which office it is obtained.

The Department of Health is the central repository for all vital records in Massachusetts. This department oversees the Registry of Vital Records. Housed in this division are registers of marriages dating back from 1916 to present. Marriage certificates obtained from such department costs $18 (in person) and $28 (via mail). On the other hand, obtaining such document through the State Archives requires only $3. The handling time for such entreaty depends mostly on what method is utilized and where the request is filed.


Massachusetts Marriage Records

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Perhaps online retrieval is by far the easiest and most practical way of obtaining these records. However, the Vital Records Registry does not process online orders. In this case, you can try doing the record search with the assistance of alternative record providers online.

How to get hold of Massachusetts marriage records?

  • Obtain a copy of an Application for Vital Record form.
  • Read the instructions carefully and provide all the needed information.
  • Prepare the necessary fees and mail it along with the completed form to the Registry of Vital Records.

Payment for marriage record entreaties should be made through check or money order payable to the Department of Health. Bear in mind that regardless if the record requested is located or not, the money you’ve paid is non-refundable as it applies for the search itself.

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