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Massachusetts Divorce Records

Divorce records in the State of Massachusetts are available from several government agencies, namely the Probate and Family Court. An index is also available for viewing request from the Vital Registry Office of the State. The Vital Registry Office can verify divorce events; however, for certified copies of the divorce, requestors must approach the Court where the divorce was granted. Fees for the copies vary from one court to another and thus it is best to approach the court county for the updated schedule fee.

It might be difficult for some to obtain divorce records in Massachusetts as the State only provides basic information to the requestor via the divorce index and certified copies are only available for those who have relationship or affiliation with the persons stated in the divorce.


Massachusetts Divorce Records

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Luckily, though, one can get hold of divorce records and vital records without having a personal relationship to the people named in the divorce decree by using the internet. They can choose from hundreds of search providers online who can help them get the records that they need without having to visit the county court or the Vital Registry Office.

How To Obtain Massachusetts Divorce Records
To make a request for a divorce report in the State of Massachusetts, follow the guideline provided below:

State of Massachusetts Divorce Records Resources:

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