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Maryland Marriage Records

Maryland marriage records have been kept since 1650 which tells that the state’s database on marriage has plenty of information to offer to anyone who wishes to retrieve such details. Marriage records are usually made up of a certificate and a license. These two are distinct from each other. The former is given to the married couple and the archived by the local government after the ceremony. The latter should be acquired and must be issued in order for the marriage to take place. These paper documents both confirm that the marriage between a man and a woman indeed happened.

However, the recording of these files got standardized only in 1990 upon the management of the Maryland Vital Statistics Administration. Those earlier documents will have to be requested at the Circuit Court in the county where the marriage took place. Take note though that a law was enacted to only allow the names on the record to do the request or their legal representatives. However, for some exemptions, the court will rule if someone not related to the parties on the record would want to request the retrieval of such legitimate reports. In this case, the request will be reviewed and the court or the top officials in Maryland will have the final say on such situation.


Maryland Marriage Records

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It was never easy to go through the whole searching process in the old days. You had to secure all the paper requirements and had to wait for days or even weeks for the results to come in. But today, the process has completely been transformed with the presence of an online records alternative. In other words, conducting a marriage records search can now be executed through the birth of the Internet. It’s amazing because you will be getting the exact pieces of information that the government agencies can give you. But with this online method, searches are done in only a few minutes. It is commercially created service but totally valuable and helpful in many ways.

You need to do the following in the process of requesting the marriage records:

  • Procure the application form to request a certified copy of marriage
  • Carefully go through all the pieces of information being asked and fill them all out
  • Get ready with your personal identification and provide details of both spouses on the record
  • When it the form is filled out, include an amount of $12.00 and forward the application to the office of the Division of Vital Records

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