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Maryland Divorce Records

Access to the State of Maryland divorce records is restricted unlike other public records. However, the State’s Vital Statistics Administration provides verification for divorce and is given to those who are considered as authorized individuals. The cost for the record is $12 and is payable via certified check or money order.

Originally, one would need to visit or request directly from the States Office or visit the County Clerk Office where the divorce decree was granted. Processing can take several days and weeks due to the volume of requests that the government office receives. For those who need the records urgently, they may opt to check online sites that offer these services.


Maryland Divorce Records

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Thanks to the advent of modern technology, one can access several public records including divorce records through third party search providers. This is the best way for one to check records without waiting for hours or days for the records to be mailed to them. Divorce records are important especially for those who are contemplating to marry again or would like to marry a divorced person. Other uses for divorce records include requesting for spousal support, child benefit and other legal purposes deemed by the requesting party.

How To Obtain Maryland Divorce Certificates
For those who would like to request for a verification of divorce, they may do so by following the steps given below. Requesting parties need to be authorized or eligible under the State of Maryland Laws before their request will be granted.

State of Maryland Divorce Records Resources:

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