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Maryland Criminal Records

The State of Maryland makes background checks and public criminal records available to the public by providing a central databank of these records through the CJIS-Central Repository of the State’s Department of Public Safety. Cost for the records is about $18 and can be paid through checks or money order.

There are two ways to access criminal records from the State of Maryland; one is through the local law enforcement agency where the cost of the record is around $20 and the other is through the States’ CJIS, which cost $18. The records are restricted by nature and only those that are deemed public can be accessed by the third party individuals. After one has submitted a request, they have to wait for certain processing time after which the Maryland Department of Corrections or their local police would mail the records to them.


Maryland Criminal Records


Today, thanks to the internet, one no longer needs to wait weeks to be able to see the records or criminal reports. The State has made it possible for one to do limited public searches of government records. It is also possible to access full reports of criminal records via availing of services of third party providers. One no longer has to wait for extended processing periods to be able to retrieve the records.

How To Request For Maryland Background Checks/Criminal Records
To access one’s background check or criminal records easily, one can follow the steps provided below:

To obtain arrest records, follow the steps provided below:

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