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Marriage records can be a gold mine for someone gathering information for a family tree or for personal or legal reasons. For genealogical purposes, marriage records might reveal the full names of people on the certificate, parents and children (if any) of the bride or groom, date of marriage and where the marriage took place. Some states also reveal data on same sex civil marriages. You’ll usually be able to see some, if not all, of the information contained on the record; however, some states may have privacy laws that prevent you from viewing the entire record.

State-based searches may contain more red tape than going through a private, online search site. For example, you may need to include your personal information, such as social security number and photo identification and to state how you are related to at least one person on the marriage record. Some states may only reveal that the marriage took place. Also, it may take awhile to receive any information about the marriage through the state. States are overwhelmed with volumes of requests and usually short-staffed. It may take days or weeks to receive an answer to a marriage record request.


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Many genealogical and legal professionals depend on private, online search sites for information about marriage records or almost any vital record you may want, including death, birth, divorce, arrest, criminal and other documents that may be held in a state’s vital records department or the state government’s criminal records departments. Using a private search site means that you can bypass the rules and regulations of the state-based search and get the date you need almost instantly. The information is compiled and delivered to your private email address usually within minutes after submitting a few details about the marriage record you need.

A private, Internet search site charges a small, but reasonable fee and your payment information is encrypted, meaning that no one will know that it was you who conducted the search and your data will never be sent or used by anyone else. These Internet search sites use the most extensive databases and powerful search engines available so that you receive the most accurate and up-to-date information available. Using a state-based search method may leave out certain details that could be important for whatever reason you’re searching for marriage records.

Many professionals who need vital record and other state-based information on a daily basis maintain monthly memberships to Internet search sites, but one-time searches are available. To discover more about how a private, Internet search site can help you search through important state records, click on the link.