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Maine Public Records

The Freedom of Information Act in Maine has entitled the residents to request for the Maine public records. Such documents are composed of several types of records which the people should specify when making an application. Some of these reports include the vital records, criminal records, businesses records, government salary data, liquor records and all the reports compiled by the different branches or departments formed by the State. Bottom line is that these government kept files are retrievable as long as the reasons for doing so is legitimate.

The State has slowly upgraded from the manually approach to using a computer where large files can be encoded. These days, the Internet has come to make it even much a simpler job by allowing individuals to order such records online and download it in just a few minutes. Maine has adapted this kind of system to be able to serve the public even much faster. Today, the counties under it have been instructed to also make their own documentation at the local level so that the residents will no longer have to commute or drive all the way to the State’s main records database.


Maine Public Records



Nowadays, searching for public records is no longer a headache for it becomes handier with the aid of the advanced technology. So long as you have Internet access you will absolutely get the records that you have wished to possess. You only have to pay for a considerable amount of money for the services being requested. It’s a simple method yet very practical and convenient for anyone to perform because it can be easily done at home with the need of help from a thirty party or whatsoever.

How to place a records application in Maine:

  • It is practical in Maine. There are no forms which you need to fill out
  • Some agencies would require that you write a formal request while some don’t necessary ask for it
  • Your request must be specific so that the receiving office will know what to search

Public records are also accessible through other government resources: