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Maine Marriage Records

In Maine, most people would go after the Maine marriage records for genealogical research purposes. The state has enormously updated huge databases on the marriage that took place within it area of responsibility. As a matter of fact, they have started the compilation since in the 1800’s up to present. The State’s Vital Records office has been maintaining these documents for years. But due to the continuous rise of applications over time, state officials have authorized the respective counties to have their own databases so it will be much more accessible for those who are far from the main state’s repository.

Like the rest of the states, Maine also requires that you fill-out a records request form, pay an amount of $15.00 for each copy and submit to the Vital Records office. The local courthouses are also available for inquiries regarding the said documents. The state is emphasizes though that the requesting party must present a valid reason for doing the request. If not, then the application will be denied. First, you should identify yourself as a legal resident in Maine and that you have all the documents which support your application to acquire the said reports.


Maine Marriage Records

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It will take some time if the information that you possess is not enough. It even more gets delayed when going through the manual way of pulling out the records, since it will have to be searched by hands. Nowadays, marriage records are just a few clicks away because they can be pulled off using the Internet. Several records service provides have now flourished to cater fast recovery of important public records. But, you should find a reliable and reputable online source for you to be able to collect the accurate data in just a few minutes.

Procedure in placing a records request:

  • Print a copy of the records application form from the Department of Health and Human Services
  • Fill in the form completely
  • When completely filled-out, submit to the Vital Records Agency for processing
  • Include payment of $15.00 for a certified copy or $10.00 for a non-certified copy

You can also go to other legal resources when collecting the said information: