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Maine Divorce Records

Divorce records and other documents are available from the Office of Vital Records, a division of the State’s Department of Human Services. Divorce records that are maintained by the Office starts from 1923 up to the present while records prior to the said year are only available from the Maine State Archives. Each certificate of divorce costs $15 and additional copies are $6. Non-certified divorce copies are available for $10.

Those who are interested in getting hold of divorce records from the State of Maine can do so by providing the Office a written request and accurate information as incorrect data would cause the cancellation of the request. Requestors should also provide the purpose of which the report will be used.

Maine Divorce Records

For easy transaction and getting hold of the records, one can also choose to avail of the services of third party search providers who offer public search services. This is the most convenient and fastest way to get hold of reports and other documents without relying n the government office.

How To Obtain Maine Divorce Records
Those who wish to get hold of records and other divorce certificates from the Vital Records Office can follow the instructions provided below:

State of Maine Divorce Records Resources