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Maine Criminal Records

Criminal reports contain information about offenses that a person has committed as well as time served in a correctional facilities or prison. In the State of Maine, a person can request for criminal background checks on themselves as well as that of another person. The State makes the reports available via name-based search or fingerprint-based search. Cost for the criminal report varies depending on the procedure and type of criminal report that one would request from the Office.

Not all records or documents are available for public perusal. The State differentiates these records as to the purpose of the request that a person provides to the Office. A non-criminal purpose would mean retrieving copies of one’s criminal records such as arrest reports. Criminal justice purposes are only available to local law enforcement agencies and contain full details of the crime report including the trial procedure, conviction and the result of the trial.


Maine Criminal Records


Those who would want to avail of another person’s criminal report or would like to do a background check also have the option to engage the services of third party search providers who offer such services to the public.

How To Request For A Background Check:
For those who would like to avail of background checks in the State of Maine, they can follow the steps provided below:

For those who would like to get hold of arrest reports or documents, they can follow the steps outline below:

  • Visit the State Department of Corrections website
  • Determine the length of the sentence.
  • Persons who are serving less than 9 months would have records available directly from the County.
  • Submit a written request for records of inmates who are sentenced for more than 9 months
  • Include the inmate’s information as well as the requestor’s contact information.

Where to Access Other Criminal Records