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Louisiana Marriage Records

The registration of Minnesota marriage records began in 1870 although there was no proper documentation yet being done during that time. In 1970, the state government formally initiated and implemented a law which caters the official issuance and documentation of both marriage licenses and marriage certificates. The Minnesota Department of Health has currently been updating the vital records through the specific agency called State Registrar excluding the marital reports. Only the respective counties have been tasked to maintain people’s marriage files as a rule.

Therefore, if you are to search for your own marriage record or those records of other people you should first find out which particular county the marriage was performed. In order to do so, you should visit the Minnesota Center for Health Statistics to check out the list of all the formed registrars within Minnesota. Thus, searches should be performed at the county where the marriage took place. This system brings great advantage to those whose locations are way far from the State’s main office. The residents will no longer have to take a trip and spend money for the fare and everything. The rate for doing the request will vary according to the policies imposed by each county.


Louisiana Marriage Records

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Today, the marriage records are not that hard to be obtained because they are not archived using an online database. This implies that anyone can certainly execute the search anywhere as long as there is access to the Internet. An online record provider can supply you the information which you desired to have in return for a reasonable amount of service fee. You just have to choose a reputable Internet information resource to be able to be satisfied with the results which you are going to acquire. This modern solution brings not only instant results but also accurate data which anyone can utilize for whatever legal undertakings.

The certified request form must be procured to start the search. Orleans Parish offers the following services:

  • Orleans Parish marriage records retrieval
  • Orleans Parish marriage license retrieval
  • Covenant marriage information and forms
  • Marriage officiant registration
  • Orleans Parish 72-hour waiver

Steps to order the said vital records in Louisiana:

  • Complete the application form
  • Bring photo and identification

Pay the required fee to the Vital Records Service Center Resources that help in obtaining the marital records: