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Louisiana Divorce Records

Unlike other US States where a central repository is maintained by the State for all public records, divorce documents or reports in the State of Louisiana are only available from the Parish Clerk of Court where the divorce was granted. Each copy of the certificate costs $12 though this might vary depending on the Parish court where the divorce was issued.

To be able to get hold of divorce documents and other reports from the Parish Clerk, one would need to prove that he or she is related to the parties named in the divorce or be able to produce a document supporting his or her need to access the records before the State will grant access to the said documents.


Louisiana Divorce Records

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Those who need the records but might not be eligible or do not have the necessary documents can find out about the divorce by engaging the services of commercial search providers. Some providers offer basic searches free or for a nominal fee for a complete and detailed report.

How To Obtain Louisiana Divorce Records
For those who have legal right to get hold of divorce papers, follow the instructions below:

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