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Louisiana Criminal Records

Criminal records are important as these provide an individual a history of another person and whether he or she has been arrested before or not. The State of Louisiana provides different ways for one to be able to request for their criminal records or someone else’s criminal history. Cost for the record is $26 and payable via money orders or certified checks.

To request for background checks, one has to download the record authorization form while an arrest record request would require one to download the General Disclosure Arrest Record Form. The General Disclosure Arrest Record is ideal for people who would like to see a local resident’s historical record. The request processing time varies depending on the volume of requests that the office receives as well as to the information that one has provided the State.


Louisiana Criminal Records


For those who would like a quicker way to access criminal records, they may opt instead to use commercial third party search providers that do offer such services and since it is online, one can request for the record at one’s convenience. One can easily receive reports of an individual without waiting for longer processing times.

How To Request For Background Checks/Criminal Records
For those who are interested in obtaining their background check, follow the steps below:
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