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Kentucky Public Records

Kentucky’s Open Records Law provides the citizens the right to apply for the Kentucky public records. It is officially done by making a formal letter of request and by filling out the state’s application form which contains information pertaining the requesting party and the names on the record itself. But, be aware that not all records that you will be requesting will be granted because the office concerned will have to review the specific records and they don’t provide every record that they maintain for security reasons.

The Office of Vital Records is the main records archive. Thus, if you wanted to order for a specific public record then you must drop by the office for inquiries on how to go through the entire searching process. If you are to look for court records then you will have to visit the Kentucky Court of Justice for your requests to be accommodated. The most important factor is that you have all the necessary legal documents to support your request. You should be able to complete the application form with your personal particulars and the information of those who are mentioned in the record.


Kentucky Public Records


The processing time and the rate for the service fee will vary according to the policies implemented by each county. The State has instructed the respective county officials to update their own records database so that the people will no longer take a trip going to the State’s main records office. However, all these things can be skipped this time because searching for public records can be done through the Internet. You heard it right; the legal data can now be ordered for a reasonable amount of service fee in no time. You just have to hit a few clicks and you are off to getting the public information which you want to acquire.

The Kentucky Court of Justice offers services including:

  • Criminal Record Report
  • Victim Information and Notification Everyday
  • Public Court Records
  • Statistical Reports

There are also other State records resources which can help you gather more legal details: