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Kentucky Marriage Records

To be legally called a wife and a husband you have to be solemnized officially by someone who is authorized to perform the marriage. However, it does not end there; one’s marriage must be documented through the local government where both spouses are residing. Marriage licenses and certificates will have to be archived as a legal proof that indeed the wedding was performed and that both spouses are bound by law and should act accordingly as a husband and a wife through the years. They are maintained for future reference more especially when needed in the course of legal court proceedings.

There were already records being kept in 1852 but not that many since there was no system yet on how to manage them. The official start of the update only took place in 1958 which has been handled since then by the Vital Statistics office in Frankfort. Each copy costs $6.00 which should be paid through credit cards by way of phone calls and walk-in applications only. These marital documents are further classified as marriage license, marriage register and the marriage certificate. All these three are obtainable provided that you undergo the right legal procedure. Today, not only the State is doing the update but also the various counties within Kentucky are maintaining such files for the advantage of the general public.


Kentucky Marriage Records

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However, with the modern computerization and the Internet these days, Kentucky marriage records can be obtained in no time. It is definitely convenient because you can do it on your own without the need to ask for some technical help from other people. It is fast and simple for anybody to accomplish because an online records provider is designed to make the records retrieval easy to be done. It may be a paid service but absolutely worth the money that you are going to be paying for.

Steps in placing the request to the State’s Vital Statistics office:

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