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Kentucky Criminal Records

Those who would like to request for criminal records in Kentucky can actually do so as the State makes the records available to the public. Although some records may be classified such as juvenile cases or domestic violence records, other records are available and can be requested from the Administrative Office of the Court. A name-based record search costs $20 payable via money order or certified checks.

To request for copies of the criminal reports, one will have to download a request form from the Kentucky Court of Justice, send the completed form with an enclosed check to the Office and wait for 7 to 10 processing days to receive the reports.


Kentucky Criminal Records


For faster transaction, one can also choose to avail of the services of public search providers online or third party commercial sites that offer free criminal background checks or criminal records checks. One can easily access the records 24/7 so one no longer has to wait to check the records of an individual or see their own criminal records.

How To Request For Background Checks/Criminal Records

  • There are several ways to get hold of criminal reports from the State of Kentucky. Follow the procedure below to make transaction requests easier.
  • Visit the Kentucky Court of Justice website
  • Download the one-time criminal application request form for one time transaction.
  • Enclose $20 in certified check or money order.
  • Mail your request to the Kentucky State Treasurer.

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