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Kansas Marriage Records

Residents in Kansas can go to public archives, libraries and courthouses to inquire about the Kansas marriage records. The specific records are obtainable in the State’s central records repository and the records offices from the respective counties. The State has ordered the county officials to also maintain their own records so that the people who live within each county would no longer have to commute all the way to the main State’s office. There is an existing law which allows the public to request such records for whatever valid purposes.

The said records normally contain the particulars of both spouses including the marriage date, location, names and many more. Historically, Kansas already required its citizens to procure a marriage license in 1867 but such was never documented until 1913. For inquiries relating to the said reports individuals will have to go to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. As a policy, each copy will require an amount of $15.00 which is non-refundable even when the records are not found. Before you get things started, you should be able to completely fill-out the application form and observe all the legal procedures set by the government officials.


Kansas Marriage Records

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It used to be really time-consuming before one can obtain the vital records in the past because they were hand searched. Nowadays, the retrieval of Kansas marriage records is a piece of cake since individuals no longer have to go visit a government office just to place the request. Today, they just have to find a 100% reliable online records service to be able to download the said legal files in just a few minutes. It is completely hassle-free and convenient because you can do it after work at anytime you want it performed.

There are 5 basic details which you need to provide in the Kansas marriage application form:

  • Groom’s personal particulars
  • Bride’s personal particulars
  • Date of Marriage
  • Location where the marriage license was issued
  • City where the ceremony took place

Services offered by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment include:

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