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Kansas Divorce Records

In the State of Kansas, the government issues certified copies of divorce certificates to those individuals who are interested in getting hold of divorce reports. The search covers a period of 5 years and a certified report costs $15 each. All reports available in the Bureau of Vital Records start from July 1, 1951 whereas prior records are available from the Clerk of the district Court of the County where the divorce was granted.

As divorce reports or any vital record in the State of Kansas are considered as not public records, only those with familial ties, authorized representatives and those with direct interest and written authorization are allowed access to these records.


Kansas Divorce Records

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For those who want to obtain reports or documents and are not eligible as mentioned but needs the records have another option open to them, they can get hold of third party public record sites online that offer public records search services. This is the most convenient way for one to be able to get hold of records without having to prove their eligibility to the Bureau Office.

How To Obtain Kansas Divorce Records
For those who are eligible to get hold of the documents or reports, follow the instructions provided below:

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